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Work and Study

Programs for Professionals


I opened your mind, open your world

If you like the idea of living in another country, an experience that will change your life, meet people from other parts of the world and achieve independence, ATMC Students have the solution you!


• Achieve international studies • Getting an international professional experience. • Improve English and differentiate your CV • Ability to work during the course. • Internship Program

These are the general characteristics of programs abroad:


• All levels of English


• Possibility of study: Business, Hospitality and Tourism, English basic, intermediate or advanced


• Programs from 19 years


• Programs from 3 to 12 months


• Possibility of accommodation with families to learn about Canadian culture and customs. Also you prune to stay with friends.


• Start programs almost every week throughout the year


• Work Study Options +


• Tourism: during your travels to program all places of British Columbia and all of Canada


• You can organize US is about 30 kilometers from Vancouver!


Why choose ATMC?

• SPECIALIZED in curricula, work, and language courses.


• advise people about the most appropriate to their profile program and have more career opportunities upon completion of the study program


• PERSONAL TREATMENT during registration, stay and even after the experience. We remind you that we are one of the only companies that has staff in the country of destination to provide a warm welcome and make you feel comfortable accompanying each safe, quiet and close to home student


• TALKS at our offices in group or individual on the contracted program: characteristics, rules, how to prepare for job interviews / practices, open / close bank accounts, local mobile phone, taxes claim, issues security, etc.


• MONITORING we offer a coordinator destination plus personalized attention during the stay.


• Information on documents required to obtain visas in Canada.


• EXTRA: seek accommodation with families, apartments or residences. Possibility of going friends together at the same accommodation and English courses combined with work / practice (according to program).


We open our doors to study and improve in prestigious universities in Canada and achieve international prestige that will guide your way to fulfill big dreams and give you the visibility and recognition you deserve.

This program we have only additional that will help you become a person of International business

ATMC provides you:

• Ability to participate in business rounds with communities of trade of States States, Canada, Latin America or China

• Advice on the Canadian banking system and its amazing benefits

• Entrance to the Real Estate industry British Columbia (the highest growth rate in Canada and the safest in North America)

• Participation in seminars on immigration, investment Programs in Canada (mutual funds, goodwill, opening branches, retail, distribution, etc)

+ Work in Canada + Study + Internship Program

ATMC Students offers a work-study program in Vancouver. This program enables you to study and work at the same time.

During your stay you will be able to work on something related to what you are studying to enhance your experience and get the most out of your adventure.

What's the program?

Every week study (as the program chosen) + the ability to work from you arrive. The college will assist you with interviews to work.

What other costs to consider

In addition, you must take into account:. Airfare, visa management expenses, health insurance and housing


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